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Uniform Ordering

Red school V neck sweatshirt Red school V neck sweatshirt
Red school cardigan Red school cardigan
White Polo shirt - see Latest News White school shirt - see Latest News
Grey or black skirt, pinafore or trousers Grey of black skirt, pinafore or trousers
Grey or white socks Grey or white socks
Black Shoes Black shoes
Red gingham dress in summer  Red gingham dress in summer
   School tie - long or clip on



Uniform can be purchased from our PTFA who now use Schoolwear direct as their supplier. Order forms are available from school reception or they can be contact at


Uniform is also available  at The Toy Shop in Red Lion Yard, Mole Avon or Thomas Moore’s in Exeter. Our PTFA also have a range of good quality second hand uniform available at very reasonable prices. Please see the weekly newsletter for information on upcoming dates for uniform sales.


The governors and staff would strongly urge all parents ensure their children wear correct uniform. We believe that the wearing of uniform by as many children as possible has several benefits. These are:


It helps to promote a positive image of the school;

It sets the right tone and helps to create a purposeful working atmosphere which encourages children to understand the importance of school;

It helps to raise the self-esteem of children, especially those whose parents may not be able to afford the latest fashion clothes;
It stops the regular arguments parents have with their children about what they are going to wear to school– no more “But my friends parents let them wear these clothes”;

Uniform clothing is often cheaper and harder wearing than other clothes.

Unsuitable items of dress, such as crop tops and clothing with inappropriate slogans, are not considered to be suitable for school and should not be worn.

Black shoes should be comfortable, low-heeled and strong enough to withstand a hectic and active school day.

Suitable clothing for the P.E lessons must be provided. Black shorts and white T-shirt or red poloshirts are fine. Something warm to put on outside in the winter, an old jumper or tracksuit, is also useful. No child will be allowed on the apparatus unless suitably clothed. Ordinarily plimsols or trainers are suitable for outdoor games. For safety reasons children will normally undertake indoor gymnastics activities in bare feet.

Children must bring a named bag to school to hold their P.E clothing. Due to lack of space in cloakrooms please do not send bulky backpacks or sports bags.

All clothes worn to school should bear the child’s name. This applies particularly to outdoor clothing, gloves, wellington boots etc. The school cannot be held responsible for lost property, but it does make items easier to trace if they are named.

In the unfortunate event that an item of your child’s property is lost we have a lost property area located in both KS1 and KS2. Please go to the school reception if you require help with an item of lost property.

Parents are also requested to supply their child with a painting apron or old adult shirt for artwork or other messy activities.

The wearing of jewelry, other than sleeper/stud earrings or jewelry worn for religious reasons, is forbidden as are the wearing of make-up, nail varnish or coloured hair dyes. Children with sleeper/stud earrings will be required to either take these out or cover them with tape for PE lessons.