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Welcome to Okehampton Primary School and hope your association with the school will be a long and enjoyable one. Okehampton Primary School is a successful school where children are at the heart of all we do. As such we commit to achieving the highest possible academic standards alongside the development of children as confident, caring and responsible citizens.


At Okehampton we firmly believe that a key factor in helping children develop and achieve lies in the relationship between home and school. Parents are always welcome in school and we work hard to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible for parents/cares to work with us. Parents are welcome to meet with teachers both formally and informally: we aim to keep parents informed through our weekly newsletter (Fridays) and regularly consult with parents for their view on various school issues.


The team of staff very much look forward to working with you and your family over the coming years.


We hope that you find these links and information useful, if you have any questions, please get in touch. 


Telephone: 01837 52866


Term Dates

You can find our full list of term dates for 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 on the page link below

School Times

Since Lockdown in March 2020, our school has continued to put safety guidelines in place to ensure the safety of our whole school community. This has meant that the school day and times may have changed. During the day, we have ensured that each bubble have separate morning and afternoon breaks, as well as lunchtimes. Please ensure your child arrives on time for school, at the correct drop-off time and at the correct location. 

The current drop-off and collection time guide can be found on the COVID-19 Information page, please follow the page link below.

Please follow the 'Keep left' arrows for the one-way system and keep your 2 metres distance from other families.

Children who miss the registration period will be marked ‘late’ and any child arriving after 9.00 am will be marked as ‘absent without authorisation’.

Reception and KS1 (Years 1 & 2rs 1 & 2)

Reception and KS1 (Years 1 & 2)
8.45am  Drop-Off
3.10pm Pick Up


Lower KS2 (Years 3 & 4)
8.40am Drop-Off
3.20pm Pick Up


Upper KS2 (Years 5 & 6)
8.50am Drop-Off

Pick Up


In order for children to develop a love of learning and achieve their best, we encourage all children to have high levels of attendance and punctuality. In promoting good punctuality and attendance we are also helping children to develop good habits and practices that will equip them for secondary school and their working lives as adults. Please read our Attendance Policy, which can be found on our Policies and Documents page, please follow the page link.

Rights and Responsibilities

The School:

  • expects pupils to attend school regularly and to arrive in a fit condition to learn.
  • will publish our attendance policy on our website.
  • will give parents feedback on school and pupil attendance levels through newsletters and award certificates.
  • will investigate all absenteeism.
  •  will set a good example in matters of attendance and punctuality.
  • will work closely with parents/carers should attendance/punctuality give cause for concern.
  • will work with the Education Welfare Officer (EW)) to complete Annual Attendance Health Checks



  • will ensure that they attend regularly and on time.
  • will have individual records of attendance/punctuality acknowledged by the school.


Parents/carers are responsible for:

  • ensuring their children attend school regularly, punctually and are properly dressed and in a fit condition to learn.
  • informing the school of the reason for any unplanned absence (by phone call 01837 52866 (a message can be left on our answer phone) or personal visit) on each day of absence, as soon as possible).
  • submitting an Absence Request Form for all planned absences, including medical appointments. Where possible, dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. This must be completed in advance of any occasion that requires absence from school.
  • ensuring the school always has up to date contact numbers. 

Parental Request for Authorised Absence in Term Time. Parents should not expect, as a right, that the school will authorise absence in term time. Each application will be considered individually. The Pupil Registration Regulations 2013 have removed the right for parents to request holidays in term time, and for head teachers to grant them. Holidays within term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

Emergency School Lockdown Procedures

Our school is committed to the safety and education of all our pupils and our priority is to keep the children safe at all times. We also want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise. An Emergency School Lockdown Procedure is a response to an internal or external incident, which could be a threat to the safety of staff and children in the school. The following document, sets out the details of what this procedure might incur at our school.

Homework Learning Policy

Parking in and around School

Most schools’ do not allow any parking within the school grounds. Due to the nature of our site we do allow parents who are Blue Disability Badge holders for either themselves or their child, to park for a short period at the beginning and end of each day to collect children under certain circumstances. Please call into the school office if you would us to consider a request for access onto the school grounds.


All other parents must however, not drive onto school premises. We must ensure the safety of our children and it is therefore necessary for us to restrict the amount of vehicular access to the school grounds when the children are entering and leaving the premises. We would also ask that you do not park on the road approaching the school gates or the mini roundabout. These are public roads and are often patrolled by Civil Enforcement Officers and the Police, who will issue tickets if the correct Highway Code is not followed by motorists.


In order to help parents with parking we have permit arrangements with both the Council for parking in Waitrose car park and Okehampton Rugby for parking in their car park. For permits for the Waitrose car park, parents need to apply through the school office and these are free. For the Rugby Club parents need to apply directly to the Rugby Club and there is an annual fee.


We would of course promote that as many children as possible should walk to school as the fresh air and exercise on a daily basis gives huge health benefits, helps reduce carbon footprint and is free!


Should you require vehicular access at anytime to collect a sick child, please use the intercom located at the school gate and they will be opened for you. Please ensure that you drive with the utmost care as children may be around the grounds during a play time or PE session and our nursery children could be leaving or entering the grounds

Home/School Communication


Early Years and Key Stage 1 Contact Books

Children in Reception class are given a small blue contact book. This book is for parents to note any day to day information about your child that you wish the class teacher to be aware of. Some examples used in the contact books include “My child is going to have tea at a friend’s house tonight” or “My child has had bad dreams in the night and so may be a little tired today.” Please use this book as often as you wish so that you can keep staff informed of any issues or events at home. We ask you to hand the book directly to a staff member every morning whenever you have made an entry and then staff will respond to your comments that day.


Friday Open Mornings

Once the children have settled into school, we invite all parents and carers into school every Friday morning from 8.45am - 9am. This is our regular open morning, where parents and carers are invited into class to see your child’s Learning Journey, displays in the classroom and photographs of the activities the children have been participating in over the week. Open Mornings are a lovely time to share your child’s learning with them and allow the children an opportunity to show their parents what they are proud of doing in school.


Parent/Carer Forums

At Okehampton Primary School, we hold regular Parent / Carer Forum meetings where any parent or carer is invited to come and express their views on a range of issues within the school. We welcome as many viewpoints from parents as possible and so hope that you will be able to attend some of these meetings in the future. Meetings are held in a relaxed informal setting with tea, coffee and biscuits provided! We also try to provide a crèche facility for those who wish to attend with pre-school children. Please ensure that you let the school office know in advance if you would require this facility, to ensure we can accommodate everybody.


Parent Mail

This is a free service which allows the school to send you a variety of information and messages, via email and SMS. We currently send out our weekly Newsletter and PTFA events information. Details on any school closure during adverse weather is particularly helpful for parents and carers. School is able to keep in touch with parents only if contact details up to date! Please get in contact if you need further assistance.

Pupil Behaviour

Our rationale behind our positive pupil behaviour and anti-bullying policy is to provide a consistency of approach and practice to the care, well-being and control of pupils. The policy sets our a behavioural framework for all members of the school community.


You can view the whole policy by following the page link:

School Trips

We know children really enjoy school trips and it is often when some of the best learning happens. Memories are created that can last a lifetime. Learning from direct experiences is fun and inspiring for children and teachers alike.


We like to do lots of trips in all year groups , whether out and about locally or further afield. We do realise however that the costs can mount up for parents. For this reason we limit the amount requested voluntarily from parents during one year to £25 maximum for each children from EYFS to Year 5. During Year 6 there are two short residential trips. Staff are encouraged to find the best value for money when planning trips . The amount parents contribute does not pay for staff to attend the trip or compensate for parents who do not contribute.


You can find the relevant consent forms by following the page link below:

ParentView Ofsted

Please follow the page link for more information on how you can tell Ofsted what you think of your child's school.

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