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We follow the national curriculum for Science and the Early Years Guidance for Understanding the World which aims to ensure that all children:

  • develop scientific knowledge and understanding through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics; 
  • are able to answer scientific questions relating to the world around them by using different types of science enquiry; 
  • are aware of how science is used in our everyday lives - home and work - and the need for science, today and in the future; 
  • explore and investigate the World around them, People and Communities and Technology in their Early Years. 


  • Teachers create a positive attitude to learning science with high expectations for all children. We have a progressive approach to the teaching and learning. Science teaching involves: 
    • identifying  a clear intent for all science lessons in particular all practical tasks; 
    • asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways; 
    • undertaking practical work in realistic environments to answer questions by observing, testing and classifying; 
    • gathering and recording data to help answer questions; and 
    • linking scientific learning across other curricular area. 

A fun, engaging, high-quality science education, providing children with the foundations for understanding the world and the opportunities related to science. 

Engagement with the local environment ensures that children learn through varied and first hand experiences of the world around them. We achieve this through:

  • our outdoor learning; 
  • working with local community members and experts who have in-depth knowledge of the local environment and its impact on the community; 
  • exploring the local geographical environment including walking around the local sites 
  • links with the community  
  • trips and visits by experts including local businesses 

​Children acquire the appropriate age-related knowledge linked to the science curriculum; scientific knowledge, understanding, investigative skills and a richer vocabulary as well and an instilled enthusiasm for science. 

In our school, science is relevant, fun and engaging for all members of the school community. Through practical investigation, we promote children’s curiosity and develop their skills by allowing them to make their own discoveries and linking it to the real world.



Our Practical Spark (Our Core Principles)

O - Science should investigate our own ideas

P - Science should be practical

S - Science should spark our curiosity, making us want to find out more about our world


For details on Okehampton Primary School's Curriculum Year Overviews, please follow the page link:



Yr 2 Plants Elicitation

Yr 3 Humans and Animals Elicitation