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Meet Our Team

Come and Meet the Staff at Our School

Our Leadership Team

Mrs.Elizabeth Underwood - Executive Principal

Mrs.Sally Huxen - Principal

Mrs. Janine Cook - Associate Principal

Mrs. Jaqui Dart - Simmonds Hub SENDCO

Matt Smith - Assistant SENDCO

Mrs. Lora Medland - Lead Teacher

Mrs.Vicki Jordan - Lead Teacher

Mrs.Jodie Harvey - Lead Teacher


Child Protection & Safeguarding



Safeguarding is the responsibility of ALL staf

Our Chair of Governors is: Jo Arnold (

Our Safeguarding Governor is: Jo Arnold

Our Deputy Safeguarding Governor is: Chrissie Read (


Advanced Safeguarding certificated staff: Sally Huxen, and Greta Button (Parent Support Advisor) 


Our Designated teacher for Children In Care: Matt Smith


Parent Support Advisor

Greta Button





Our Teaching Team 2023/2024



Arch Tor


Mrs. Suzanne Bristow

Teaching Assistants:


Naomi Ellis, Sonya Garrett and John Whitton 


Reception Teachers:

Bee Tor - Mrs. Lora Medland Lead Teacher


Bell Tor - Mrs. Melanie Haworth

Teaching Assistants:


Sarah Lambert,         Jackie Hardwick,               Emma Cox


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)


Year 1 Teachers


Crane Tor - Miss Millie Jones


Crow Tor -  Miss Ellie Joy

Teaching Assistant:

Mr. Steve Madge


Year 2 Teachers

Fox Tor - Mr. Joe Skinner

Feather Tor - Mrs. Shellie Bewes

Teaching Assistants:


Danielle West,    Laura Martens,          Jo Read


Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)


Year 3 Teachers


Hare Tor - Miss Natasha Blackmore

Hart Tor - Mr. Peter Bloomfield 

Teaching Assistants:


Wendy Porter,           Bev Dennis,            Katie Craker


Year 4 Teachers

Kes Tor - Miss Catherine Gee

Kings Tor - Mr. Toby Gilkes

Kitty Tor - Mrs Bex Ambrose and Mrs. Ali Collman

Teaching Assistant:

Andi Dunt 


Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)


Year 5 Teachers


Rook Tor - Miss Annabel Stock


Roos Tor - Mr. Nick Pearson


Rippon Tor - Mr. Michael Andrews

Teaching Assistants:

Bev Dennis                 Rob Hicks


Year 6 Teachers

Winter Tor - Miss Hannah Radbourne 

Wild Tor -  Mrs. Fiona Willis and Mrs Harvey

Willow Tor - Miss Becca Allen

Teaching Assistant:

Natasha Whitelaw



Communication and Interaction Resource Base (CAIRB)


Green Tor - Mr. Matt Smith and Mrs. Christine Ramoutar

Teaching Assistants:


Claire Thundercliffe,  Catherine Bragg,       Michelle Vaughan




Sports Coach:

Steve Madge


Lunchtime Playleaders 


Clair Aldridge

Karen Dean

Kelly Dodd

Sonya Garrett

Nicky Brogan

Selena Mitchell

Maria Navarro

Bronwyn Sanders

Claire Short

Kay Vernon

Nikki Hamel

Joanne Read

Lucy Fraquet

Patricia Trewin

Alice Haddow


Catering Team

Joanne Cockerill (Catering Lead)

Clair Lynch

Tracey Harvey

Claire Baker


Breakfast Club Staff

Sonya Garrett

Catherine Bragg

Kelly Dodd

Kayleigh Rowland


TOPS Club (After School Care)

Beverley Dennis

Clair Aldridge

Nicola Brogan

Sonya Garrett

Jo Read

Maria Navarro


Cleaning Team:

Donna Wells (Cleaning Lead)

Kay Vernon

Janet Lee

Selena Mitchell

Kayleigh Rowland

Robert Smith


Premises Manager:

Andrew Morgan


Mrs. Elaine Lawson (Administrator)