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Meet Our Team

Come and Meet the Staff at Our School

Our Leadership Team


Miss Sarah Godbeer (Executive Principal)

Mrs Sally Huxen (Associate Principal)

Mr Martin Evely (Associate Principal)

Mrs Beverley Pickett-Jones (SENCO Lead)


Child Protection & Safeguarding

Safeguarding is the responsibility of ALL staff.

Miss Sharon Ball (Safeguarding Officer, Child Protection Officer and Designated Teacher for Children in Care)

Level 3 Safeguarding certificated staff: Miss Sarah Godbeer, Mrs Sally Huxen, Mr Martin Evely and Mrs Beverley Pickett-Jones


Parent Support 

Mrs Greta Button (Parent Support Advisor)


SENCO & Behaviour Team

Mrs Beverley Pickett-Jones (SENCO)

Miss Michelle Vaughan (Inclusion)


School Libraries

Mrs Luna Redhead (Librarian)


Family Learning

Mrs Cindy Squires

Our Administration Team


Mrs Nicky Shilston (Lead Administration)

Mrs Susan Hortopp (PA to Headteacher)

Mrs Melissa Frew-Smith (Administration)

Mrs Jodie Monnox (Administration)

Mrs Laura Hale-Jones (Administration)

Our Teaching Team 2020/2021


Nursery Teachers

Arch Tor - Mrs Anna Hooper 


Reception Teachers

Bee Tor - Mrs Lora Medland (EYFS Year Group Leader)

Bell Tor - Miss Victoria Farrelly 


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)


Year 1 Teachers

Cuckoo Tor - Miss Catherine Gee (Year 1 Year Group Leader) 

Crane Tor - Mrs Chloe Mallett 

Crow Tor - Mrs Becky Ambrose/Mrs Catherine Gillard 


Year 2 Teachers

Fox Tor - Mrs Sarah Counter (Year 2 Year Group Leader)

Fur Tor - Mr Gareth Bridge 

Feather Tor - Mr Joe Skinner 


Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)


Year 3 Teachers

Hare Tor - Ms Jo Daniel (Year 3 Year Group Leader)

Hart Tor - Mrs Jasmine Gilkes (was Vallance) 

Hawkes Tor - Miss Emily Cannon 


Year 4 Teachers

Kes Tor - Mrs Karen Sachon/Miss Sharon Ball (Year 4 Year Group Leaders)

Kings Tor - Mr Peter Bloomfield 

Kitty Tor - Miss Lisa Barker 


Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)


Year 5 Teachers

Rook Tor - Mrs Emma Goodwin/Mrs Jodie Harvey (Year 5 Year Group Leader) Mr Chris Fulford-Brown (Temporary)

Roos Tor - Mr Toby Gilkes 

Raven Tor - Mrs Alison Armstrong

Rippon Tor - Mrs Rachel Holland 


Year 6 Teachers

Winter Tor - Mr Matt Smith (Year 6 Year Group Leader)

Wild Tor - Miss Hannah Radbourne 

Willow Tor - Mrs Nicola Woolley (was Kenmir) and Mr Matt Carter (School Direct Teacher Trainee)


Teaching Assistants


Ms Thelma Hutt

Mrs Sarah Lambert

Mrs Emma Cox

Miss Beverley Dennis

Mr John Whitton

Ms Clare Barton

Mr Steve Madge

Mrs Cassie DeCourcey

Mrs Cheryl King

Mrs Marie Hatten

Mrs Lou Taylor

Mrs Katie Cracker

Mrs Claire Cursons

Mrs Helen Cooke

Mrs Jackie Hardwick (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant and Lead)

Ms Emma Stephenson

Mrs Jane Burrow

Ms Tracy Mills

Mrs Mandy Foster 

Mrs Sue Munro  (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)

Miss Claire Thundercliffe

Mrs Sandy Franco

Mrs Cindy Squire

Mrs Julie Lovering (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)

Miss Wendy Porter

Mr Rob Hicks

Mr Ben Willis

Mrs Kate Dixon (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Caroline Kift

Mrs Fran Rickwood

Mrs Linda Meese

Mrs Andi Dunt

Mrs Fiona Willis

Mrs Amy Passereau-Evans

Miss Aimee Elliott (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)

Mr Adam Daniels

Mrs Natalie Butt (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)


Higher Learning Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jackie Hardwick (HLTA Lead)

Mrs Julie Lovering 

Mrs Cassie DeCourcey  

Miss Aimee Elliott 

Mrs Kate Dixon 

Mrs Sue Munro 

Mrs Natalie Butt

Support Teams

Miss Michelle Vaughan (Inclusion Support)

Mrs Greta Button (Parent Support Advisor)

Mrs Cindy Squire (Family Learning)

Mrs Luna Redhead (Art Therapy/Librarian)

Mrs Nike Westman (French Tutor)


Catering Team

Mrs Joanne Cockerill (Catering Lead)

Mrs Jo Hutchings

Mrs Clair Lynch

Mrs Rachel Grimshaw

Mrs Tracey Harvey

Mrs Siobhan Ockenden


Meal Time Assistants

Mrs Ruth Gliddon (MTA Lead)

Mrs Clair Aldridge

Mrs Karen Dean

Mrs Kelly Dodd

Mrs Catherine Bragg

Mrs Sonya Garrett

Mrs Nicky Brogan

Mrs Selena Mitchell

Miss Maria Navarro

Mrs Bronwyn Sanders

Mrs Claire Short

Mrs Kay Vernon

Mrs Nikki Hamel

Ms Joanne Read

Mrs Victoria Hacker

Mrs Lucy Fraquet


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Claire Short

Mrs Sonya Garrett

Mrs Catherine Bragg

Mrs Kelly Dodd

Miss Kayleigh Rowland


TOPS Club (After School Care)

Mrs Louisa Taylor

Mrs Beverley Dennis

Mrs Claire Short

Mrs Nicola Brogan

Mrs Sonya Garrett


Cleaning Team

Mrs Donna Bridger (Cleaning Lead)

Mrs Kay Vernon

Mrs Patricia Trewin

Mrs Bronwyn Sanders

Mrs Janet Lee

Mr Robert Smith


Premises Officer: Mr Andrew Morgan


Our designated child protection teacher is Martin Evely, Associate Principal

Deputy designated teacher is Sharon Ball.

Our Governor responsible for safeguarding is Mrs Hannah Bancroft
Our Designated teacher for Children In Care is Miss Sharon Ball