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The Arts Society Dartmoor



Originally founded in 1968 as NADFAS, The Arts Society is an organisation based on a love of the Arts in all its forms and incarnations. Its main objective is the promotion and advancement of art in all its forms and the aesthetic education of the public, cultivation, appreciation of the decorative and fine arts and the giving of aid to the preservation of our national artistic heritage for the benefit of the general public. Apart from this, it also gives its members a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment.


Founded in 2012 Dartmoor DFAS (now The Arts Society Dartmoor) meets ten times per annum for lectures on a wide range of topics. These lectures are given by experienced and highly qualified lecturers who are experts in their chosen field. A full description is in the 'Programme' section. 

Since 2014, The Arts Society have been supporting our Summer Art Exhibitions held at The Museum of Dartmoor Life, where over 70 KS2 children are given the opportunity to attend an art workshop that specialises in acrylics and exhibit their work for the local community for the summer months. All with continued great success and supported by The Arts Society Dartmoor group.


For more information on The Arts Society, please visit there website here.