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In Bee Tor, our class teacher is Mrs. Lora Medland and we are supported by Mrs. Louisa Taylor.  Please scroll down to see some pictures and read all about our learning adventures as the year goes by.

Settling in

Settling in  1
Settling in  2
Settling in  3
Settling in  4

Haldon Forest trip

Haldon Forest trip 1
Haldon Forest trip 2
Haldon Forest trip 3
Haldon Forest trip 4
Haldon Forest trip 5

Making pizzas

Making pizzas 1
Making pizzas 2
Making pizzas 3
Making pizzas 4


Volcanoes 1
Volcanoes 2
Volcanoes 3

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2

Visit from the Vet

Visit from the Vet 1
Visit from the Vet 2
Visit from the Vet 3

Our trip to Stover

Our trip to Stover 1
Our trip to Stover 2
Our trip to Stover 3
Our trip to Stover 4