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Thank you for considering Okehampton Primary School for your child. We hope you have also had the opportunity to look around our website  We welcome pupils from two to 11 years old, although we have new starters at any time too and we invite parents and pupils to visit our school. 

Applying for a place here is straightforward. If there are enough spaces, then you will receive an offer on application. However, we do have procedures to follow in the event we are over-subscribed, and will prioritise applications as necessary.

All school admissions and applications are handled by Devon County Council and you can find out more information at The following questions and links are designed to help you navigate your way to applying for a place for your child, whether for a September start or in year applications. The Devon Citizens Portal allows parents and carers of children, to make applications for school places, including in-year admissions (not in year transfers to schools in another authority), two year old funding and free school meals.


Okehampton Primary School Admission Policies

Please follow our page link where you can read our Admissions policies and over-subscription criteria:

Further information regarding the over-subscription criteria can be found using the links shown below. There are no selection tests and students of all talents and abilities are welcome, providing we can accommodate their needs.

“The First Step” booklet explains the admission arrangements for infant and primary schools and is published by Devon County Council. It is available online and in paper format from The School Admissions Team, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter EX4 2QG. Devon’s education helpline is 0845 155 1019. Further information and information leaflets are available online.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 



How to Apply


Devon Admissions Guidance pages have all the information you need to apply for a place in a mainstream state primary school. Please click on the links to see more details:


Questions and Answers

Q . When should I apply for my pre school aged child and, if I apply earlier, will I be higher up the list?
A. The ‘Step by Step Guide Booklet’ which includes the application form, issued by the Local Education Authority (LEA), should be available to you through your pre school, during the autumn term, for children due to start school the following September and January. You will need to follow the instructions outlined on Devon Admissions by their published deadline which is usually around the end of January. This cyclical deadline applies every year although the actual date may vary slightly. All applications will be considered together after the deadline has passed so getting your form in early won’t have any bearing on the decision to allocate places.


Q . Does it help if my child has attended your Nursery?
A . In terms of aiding your child’s transition into school then yes, if a child can start school with his or her peers and friends then he or she will usually find the process less threatening. However attendance at Nursery has no bearing on the decision to allocate places.


Q. How are places allocated?
A. The Devon County Council criteria is as follows and your application will be placed in one of the following categories:


  • Category 1 Living in catchment area, with a sibling already at the school
  • Category 2 Living in catchment area, with no sibling at the school
  • Category 3 Living outside the catchment area, with a sibling already at the school
  • Category 4 Living outside the catchment area, with no sibling at the school


Q . What if you have more category 4 applications than you have places available?
A . The School Admissions Policy says that the decision would be made on the distance from your home to the school.


Q . What if I have a relative living in your catchment area who would let me put their address on my application form – would this move me up into a higher category?
A . This would not be acceptable – the address must be the child’s home address.


Q. How can I find out if I live in your catchment area?
A . Please click on the link to the Devon County Council website where these maps can be viewed online.


Q . Can I come and have a look round the school?
A . Yes – please phone the administrator on 01837 52866, who will be happy to book an appointment for you to show you around followed by a meeting with the one of our Senior Leader Team.


Q . I would like to apply for my children who are already in the school system, how are places allocated for them and who should I apply to?
A. If there are places available in the year group relevant for your child, you would normally be offered a place immediately. If that particular year group was full and you lived outside our catchment area, your application would be refused. If that year group were full but you were living in our catchment area, the Governors would consider offering you a place depending on the size of class groupings. Please contact the school office to request an application form on 01837 52866 or email:


Q. What if you refuse my child a place but I wish to challenge that?
A. You can appeal through the Local Education Authority who would hear your case and make a decision by which the school would abide.


Q . I have more than one child needing a place, if you take one child would you automatically take the other child.
A . No. Places would be offered according to the availability in the relevant year group.

Data Collection

All new pupils are required to complete a standard Data Collection form., which will be issued to you through the Administration team.

Pupil Premium

​We also encourage parents and carers to complete the application for the Pupil Premium. Pupil Premium is additional funding given to state-funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.  There are four elements to pupil premium:

Any qualifying family that registers their eligibility (based on the free school meal criteria) will help raise pupil premium money for the school. For 2020-21, the additional funding will be £1,345 for a primary school, for each registered child.


You can check your eligibility based on your income using the Devon Citizens Portal. For more information, call 0345 1551019 or visit Devon County Councils Education and Families page, you also can visit Devon's Citizen Portal to apply.


For more information about Pupil Premium, Pupil Premium Grants and our School's Pupil Premium Strategies, please click on the page link below.