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The Museum of Dartmoor Life

The Museum of Dartmoor Life aspires to be a vibrant centre of community life and lifelong learning where visitors, volunteers and residents can learn about, celebrate and participate in the cultural heritage of Okehampton and Dartmoor.

Our collections will be cared for, conserved and developed to high standards. They will be used to tell the story of 5,000 years of human activity on Dartmoor through innovative interactive displays.

The museum aims to provide an exciting range of events designed to be accessible to all sections of the community.

The museum will enjoy a local and regional reputation for our professionalism in everything we do, the warmth of our hospitality and for offering a stimulating and enjoyable experience for our visitors and volunteers.


Since 2014 The Museum of Dartmoor Life have been supporting our Summer Art Exhibitions where over 70 KS2 children are given the opportunity to attend an art workshop that specialises in acrylics and exhibit their work for the local community for the summer months in the John Young Gallery space. All with continued great success and supported by The Arts Society Dartmoor group.


For more information on The Museum of Dartmoor Life, please visit there website here.