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Pupil Premium

What is the Purpose of Pupil Premium?

Publicly-funded schools in England get extra funding from the government to help them improve the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils. 


Evidence shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • generally face extra challenges in reaching their potential at school
  • often do not perform as well as their peers

The pupil premium grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve. Schools get pupil premium funding based on the number of pupils they have from the groups outlined below. The Pupil Premium is not based on ability. 


Applying for Pupil Premium

We encourage parents and carers to consider the application for Pupil Premium. There are four elements to pupil premium:

Any qualifying family that registers their eligibility (based on the free school meal criteria) will help raise pupil premium money for the school. For 2020-21, the additional funding will be £1,345 for a primary school, for each registered child.


You can check your eligibility based on your income using the Devon Citizens Portal. For more information, call 0345 1551019 or visit Devon County Councils Education and Families page, you also can visit Devon's Citizen Portal to apply.


If you are deemed to be eligible, please can you inform the school so we can amend your details.


Please see the School Documents below that outline our Strategy Statements from our use of Pupil Premium Grants.


Our 2021-22 funding and expenditure plans will be published by the end of December this year using the templates provided by the DFE. The 2020-21 impact information will be included within this document