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Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Support

Children & Family Health Devon

The Children's Occupational Therapy service specialises in working with children and young people from birth to 18 years. We support children and young people with physical, sensory, developmental, cognitive and social needs that affect their functional abilities and impact on their daily life.

Occupational Therapists work with children and young people, parents/carer(s) and teachers to find solutions to minimise the difficulties they face and help them to get the most from life.  We support children and young people with physical, sensory, developmental, cognitive and social needs that affect their functional abilities and have an impact on their daily life. When a child or young person is referred to us we work in partnership with parents and with other healthcare and education professionals with whom the child or young person has a relationship, because we recognise that parents and carers know their child or young person best.

We’ll help to identify a child or young person’s difficulties in their daily life by assessing their needs, using play and purposeful activities to help them achieve their goals and become as independent as possible. We’ll also assess for and provide equipment and adaptions to maximise children and young people’s independence.

Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour - A Practical Approach at Home for Parents and Carers

Occupational Therapists are often asked to explore the sensory issues that can limit an individual's ability to interact with others,

their environment and perform meaningful activities. Much of the time we give advice/raise about awareness of how sensory issues can help individuals engage. Any strategies given are taken on by they young person’s main carer. This booklet has been designed so that this information can be shared allowing those who care for a young person with sensory issues to plan for their day.

ROVIC Service - Supporting children with Visual and Sensory Impairment

We can support children and young people (up to 18 years old) who have a:

  • vision impairment
  • dual sensory impairment (vision and hearing impairments)
  • multisensory impairment (vision, hearing, additional sensory processing and or disabilities)
  • deafblind impairment
  • registration status of sight impaired or severely sight impaired

If you would like to talk about your child’s needs or discuss making a referral then please contact us.

Sensory Processing Resource Pack: Early Years

For those working within an Early Years setting or Health Visitors who work with families who may have young children showing signs of sensory processing differences. This resource pack will assist with the identification of possible difficulties and support the implementation of strategies. This resource pack is the result of collaboration between Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council, Rutland County Council and the Leicestershire Parent Carer Forum.