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Welcome to Fox Tor

Our is Mr Bridge, see below our Curriculum Overview for the year, then if you would like scroll down to see some pictures and read all about our learning adventures as the year goes by.

Author Clara Vulliamy who writes the Dotty Detective series visits Year 2!

Understanding that = means the same as or equivalent to.

Understanding that = means the same as or equivalent to.  1

Welcome to Fox Tor.


Spring 2nd half term


During parents' evening, several of you asked for further information about the standard assessment tasks that take place at the end of year two, but also are part of our teacher assessment every day at school. We agreed to post some of the types of maths problem that the class have found challenging. We are working in class with practical apparatus, mathematical discussion, images, maths symbols and problems every day to help develop understanding. Understanding = as 'same as'  is something we are working of. We have posted an example of this above.


This half term we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have done lots of counting in 2s 5s and 10s. Lessons have included using Cusinaire and jottings to draw images of arrays and groups. Please come in and look at the working wall to see examples of the language we use to describe multiplication and division.


We have also been using the laptops to learn about computing, and have looked at the history of Okehampton by learning about a man called Sydney Simmons who bought and opened Simmons Park many years ago.


We have been problem solving using multiplication and division. The children are expected to explain how they know and look for patterns that they see.


We are also learning to tell the time and relate it to everyday events. The expectation is that children can tell the time to the nearest five minutes by the end of year two. Children can learn this well if they practise both at home and in school.


Spring 1st half term

We learnt about fractions (halves, quarters and thirds), capacity, length and mass. We studied weather forecasts, filmed our own and made rain gauges.


Autumn term

We updated the maths section this week (10/10/16). The class were learning how to bridge through ten. There is a game and a video link to show you what they have been learning.


During the year we are hoping to update regularly so we can keep you informed about learning in year two. We have welcomed the children into year two and introduced them to the new routines. Well done to all the children who have made great steps towards becoming more independent by entering the classroom and organising their coats, bags, water bottles, book bags and P.E. bags (please check everything is labelled with your child's name).


Reading books should be in school everyday. The children have an independent  book banded reading book. This book has been carefully selected to be at a reading level that your child can access fairly independently. As a parent, you can greatly benefit your child's progress by hearing them read regularly and talking about the meaning of words, reasons for events, retelling parts of the text or discussing why characters have made decisions. If you are unsure of your child's book band, then please ask Mrs Sachon or Mrs Day.


Each term we assess the children's book band and adjust it in the best interests of a child's progress. This decision is closely linked to guided reading in class, where children access a more challenging text supported by a trained adult.


If you would like more advice on how to support your child, please pop in after school and speak to one of us.


The class have been working hard to follow increasingly challenging sets of instructions. We start with one simple instruction to see if the class can listen and follow it accurately. Then we build up to two instructions, and so on. Your support with this would be fantastic, as the children have found accurate listening for several instructions is a complex skill.  


Hook to the learning : Following Instructions to make a greetings card.

Folllowing instructions to make Easter nests.