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Bee Tor

Welcome to Bee Tor


In Bee Tor, our class teacher is Mrs. Lora Medland and we are supported by Mrs. Louisa Taylor.  Please scroll down to see some pictures and read all about our learning adventures as the year goes by.

Settling into Bee Tor

Settling into Bee Tor 1 Putting on a show.
Settling into Bee Tor 2 Colour mixing in bags.
Settling into Bee Tor 3 Exploring the water.
Settling into Bee Tor 4 We had a visit from Daisy the duck.
Settling into Bee Tor 5 Look at our shadows!
Settling into Bee Tor 6 We loved visiting the new 3G pitch!
Settling into Bee Tor 7 Cooking in the mud kitchen.
Settling into Bee Tor 8 Travelling on the train in our station.
Settling into Bee Tor 9 Getting active outside!
Settling into Bee Tor 10 Recording findings from our shape walk.
Settling into Bee Tor 11 Mark making in the shaving foam.
Settling into Bee Tor 12 Team work in PE to balance on tip toes.

Our trip to Bellever Forest

Our trip to Bellever Forest 1 We saw some ponies.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 2 Our guide Paul told us all about different trees.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 3 More ponies up close!
Our trip to Bellever Forest 4 We found pine cones.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 5 An orange leaf.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 6 We were all kitted out for wet weather!
Our trip to Bellever Forest 7 We went on a really lovely long walk.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 8 Happy walkers!
Our trip to Bellever Forest 9 Feeling different sorts of leaves.
Our trip to Bellever Forest 10 What a lot of leaves to jump in!

Christmas in Bee Tor

Christmas in Bee Tor 1 We made Christmas cards.
Christmas in Bee Tor 2 Tom the elf came to visit us!
Christmas in Bee Tor 3 Christmas writing.
Christmas in Bee Tor 4 Whoops a Daisy angel!
Christmas in Bee Tor 5 Christmas lunch was yummy!

Making smoothies

Making smoothies 1 We chopped up strawberries and bananas.
Making smoothies 2 We mixed our fruit in the blender with milk.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1 Junk modelling Chinese dragons.
Chinese New Year 2 We tasted noodles and prawn crackers.
Chinese New Year 3 Chinese writing.
Chinese New Year 4 Chinese lanterns.


Stover 1 Looking for ducks!
Stover 2 We built a den using really big sticks.
Stover 3 Pond dipping in the sunshine.
Stover 4 We found lots of tadpoles.
Stover 5 We even found some newts
Stover 6 Our second day was very wet!
Stover 7 More pond dipping.
Stover 8 We made another super den.


Butterflies! 1 Our caterpillars grew into butterflies.
Butterflies! 2 Look at the patterns!
Butterflies! 3 We released them into the sunshine.
Butterflies! 4 We raised 5 butterflies!

Widemouth Bay

Widemouth Bay 1 We made sandcastles.
Widemouth Bay 2 It was a bit cloudy when we arrived.
Widemouth Bay 3 We found lots of crabs!
Widemouth Bay 4 We even found a limpet.
Widemouth Bay 5 We paddled in shallow pools.
Widemouth Bay 6 The sun came out after lunch.