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Weekly Challenge

On this page we will share a set of weekly challenges with you.  It may be that you  have a challenge to complete from an organisation like the Primary Science Trust or you may see Professor Custard in a video!

 Please enjoy and let us know how you get on!

Week 9 - Salty Science

Week 8 - Watery Science

Week 7 - Musical Science

Week 6 - Gases

Week 5 - Spider Safari

Week 4 Sink or Swim or Eggciting Science

Week 3 Colourful Skittles

Colourful skittles is one of Miss Radbourne's favourite investigations because it looks fantastic and it uses sweets! Can you explain the science behind what is happening. What are you observing? Describe everything you see from start to finish.

Stretch your thinking by suggesting other sweets that may work. What might happen if you used a different liquid such as milk or lemonade? Miss Radbourne plans to have a go at this investigation using mini-eggs this weekend as it is Easter. Do you think it will work?

Week 2 challenge from Professor Custard!

Still image for this video
Do all vegetables sink?
Do all fruit float?

Your challenge is to use a large transparent container and with an adults help test all the fruit and vegetables you can get hold of!

Record it in a table or pictogram and let us know what happens! Why don't you email your findings to your class teacher?

Week 2 from the Primary Science Trust