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Vision and Values

Our school vision: to provide outstanding teaching and learning so that each of our children is inspired to excel within an environment where they feel valued, safe and respected.


Our school values incorporate the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust values, British values and ethical values.  We use these values as a basis for planning our daily assemblies in both KS1 and KS2.  We believe in the importance of the children taking ownership of these values and we therefore set some of the KS2 children a challenge to combine the values into what we believe in our school.  


At Okehampton Primary School, our school values, as written by the children, are:


O - Opportunities for all

K - Kindness

E - Equality and equity

H - Heartfelt solidarity

A - All voices to be heard

M - Mutual respect

P - People sticking to the rules

T - Tolerance

O - Openness and honesty

N - No bullying or prejudice


At Okehampton Primary School, we aim....


..... to go further than we thought

..... to run faster than we hoped

..... to reach higher than we dreamed

..... to become the best we can be.