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SIMS Parent

In order to support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the school uses SIMS Parent to collect, manage and handle key information about your child by obtaining accurate data securely from you.

For information about the Privacy of SIMS Parent please click here


Available on iOS, Android and via browser the SIMS Parent app provides a convenient and accessible solution for parents and carers to electronically review and request changes to the data held on them and their children via smartphone, tablet, or PC anytime, anywhere. You will be able to provide additional information on crucial details such as medical information or dietary requirements, using the text information function.


When a change request is submitted by you, automatic emails are sent to the school office. Administrators are able to view previous requests and details of any action taken via the audit trail within SIMS.


From time to time, we will send notifications to remind you to update your child’s details, eliminating paper-based data collection and manual errors.


Getting Started:

Please ensure that the school hold an up to date valid email address as an activation email will be sent to your home email address. Simply click on the link from your tablet, pc or smartphone to activate your account. You can then login using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft username and password.



Important Information about the menu options


Student Information – this contains basic information such as your child’s name, preferred name and date of birth.

Address – this is your child’s home address. You can add an additional address e.g. if your child lives with both parents.

Telephones and Emails – this is your child’s home number. Please DO NOT add an email address for your child here.

Medical Details – this includes information such as medical practice, medical conditions and any disabilities. There is a drop down list of all these, but you can add a new one if you need too by completing the ‘other / additional’ information box.

Cultural Information – this is important information for the school census so please complete.

Dietary Needs – please update your child’s dietary needs here. For allergies and medical diagnosis of dietary need, please bring into school a supporting doctor’s letter and complete a medical form. The doctor’s letter only needs to be brought in once, however the Medical Form needs to be completed on a yearly basis.

Nationality and Passports – please update your child’s nationality but please DO NOT complete any passport details.


Parental Consent


 Travel Arrangements – please check and complete as necessary.

 Emergency Medical Treatment – we would always aim to contact the parent in the first instance, however in the event of a serious injury or accident or asthma attack, this permission allows us to contact the emergency services or obtain emergency medical treatment e.g. from the health centre.

 Local Town Visit – For short-duration, local visits, the consent acts as your permission for your child to participate in the activity.

 Photos in the media – This consent allows us to include and publish your child’s photograph in the local and national press. We would not, however, share the pupil’s name.

 Photos on school website – This consent allows us to include and publish your child’s photograph on our school website. We would not, however, share the pupil’s name.

 Google Chrome - Google Apps for Education services - requires Okehampton Primary School to obtain ‘verifiable parental consent’ for their children to be able to use these services. The service has been used since Easter 2017 across KS2 and from September will be rolled out across KS1. The apps available include: Docs, Sheets and Sites as well as an email and calendar app. The use of Chromebooks across KS2 has proved to be very successful in allowing children to create work across a range of platforms and share it both within and outside of the school.

 Walking from School (KS2 children only) – This is permission for your child to walk home from the school site.

 Sale of Group Photos – By ticking consent, you agree to allow your child to be photographed with their class/group/team and that these photographs will be offered for sale to you and other parents.



We do not ask for consent, however, please note the School's policy on taking photographs and videos by parents/carers at school events. 

 Personal use acceptance – We recognise and understand that many parents and carers will want to take photographs of their children at school events like school plays and Sports Day. This section of Parents Lite sets out an agreement with parents and carers as to how photographs and videos taken at school events will be used by them. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation all photos and videos must be taken purely for personal use and must not be published in local media, social media, or online, without the written consent of school and other parents. Some examples of personal use may include: a parent takes a photograph of their child and some friends taking part in the school Sports Day to be put in the family photo album. These images are for personal use and the GDPR does not apply; Grandparents are invited to the school nativity play and wish to video it. These images are for personal use and the GDPR does not apply. By ticking consent, you agree to the above and will strictly adhere to the agreement in full. You also accept that your child may appear in the photographs and videos taken by the parents of other children, whose children are taking part in the same event.




Please ensure that the contact information for your child is accurate and up to date. When adding contact details, we require at least two contacts. Please let us know if this presents a problem for you.

Parental Responsibility – Please ensure that the Parental Responsibility slider bar is set correctly. For a definition of Parental Responsibility please read the following guidelines: . This is usually the mother and father, and would not normally include grandparents, neighbours, friends or other family members.

Priority Contact – In line with ‘Keeping Children Safe 2019’ you are required to provide at least 2 emergency contacts. Where possible, please include one Priority 1, and one Priority 2 contact. Having multiple priority 1 contacts can be confusing and misleading in the event of an emergency, and we will always contact the next priority person if we cannot reach the first person.

Other Contacts – Where possible, the contacts should be local and accessible.

Telephone Numbers – Please ensure you give us the contact numbers that you are most likely to have access to. Please do not give a work number if we cannot reach you on this number, or a mobile if you are never in range. Please ensure the slider bar is checked for your primary (main) contact number as we use this to reach you if your child is unwell. This number has to be a mobile number in order for you to continue to receive text messages from the school.