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Welcome to the Okehampton Primary School Science page.


The Science team and I would like to present you with some ideas to support you all in such unprecedented times.

Below are some sub page titles that you can access in order to foster your child's curiosity in science but they will also link superbly to other subjects.  Even if your child has already studied a topic this year it will be very important for them to revisit and embed knowledge in order to move forward when we return to school. Most activities will include a practical element which encourage children to observe scientific concepts in action, please record their observations and experiments in any form you wish but challenge their understanding and allow them time to describe what they can see in order to piece together an explanation.


At Okehampton Primary School we believe that Science should ignite our practical spark.

O Science should investigate our own ideas

P Science should be practical

S Science should spark our curiosity making us want to find more out about the world.


Above all enjoy, explore and get excited about Science!

An awesome free activity with your phone!

Type an animal name into google.

Press view in 3d.

It will then pop up in your living room in a real life size!