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Parking in and Around School

Most schools’ do not allow any parking within the school grounds. Due to the nature of our site we do allow parents who are Blue Disability Badge holders for either themselves or their child, to park for a short period at the beginning and end of each day to collect children under certain circumstances. Please call into the school office if you would us to consider a request for access onto the school grounds.


All other parents must however, not drive onto school premises. We must ensure the safety of our children and it is therefore necessary for us to restrict the amount of vehicular access to the school grounds when the children are entering and leaving the premises. We would also ask that you do not park on the road approaching the school gates or the mini roundabout. These are public roads and are often patrolled by Civil Enforcement Officers and the Police, who will issue tickets if the correct Highway Code is not followed by motorists.


In order to help parents with parking we have permit arrangements with both the Council for parking in Waitrose car park and Okehampton Rugby for parking in their car park. For permits for the Waitrose car park, parents need to apply through the school office and these are free. For the Rugby Club parents need to apply directly to the Rugby Club and there is an annual fee.


We would of course promote that as many children as possible should walk to school as the fresh air and exercise on a daily basis gives huge health benefits, helps reduce carbon footprint and is free!


Should you require vehicular access at anytime to collect a sick child, please use the intercom located at the school gate and they will be opened for you. Please ensure that you drive with the utmost care as children may be around the grounds during a play time or PE session and our nursery children could be leaving or entering the grounds