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 Welcome to Fur Tor.


If you as a parent would like to understand more about any of the items mentioned on our page, please come in after school and ask the class teachers. 


We regularly reward stickers and give praise for good listening, cooperation, for asking questions and thinking carefully. 


Thank you for supporting your children with their education by hearing them read for ten to fifteen minutes daily, practising their number bonds and ensuring that they get a good night of sleep before their very busy school day.


Each Monday during assembly, teachers are able to a award children the title of class captain. To earn this award children must wear their school uniform, read at home regularly, complete their homework and demonstrate good learning behaviours. Well done to those awarded so far.


3/10/16 This week a letter was sent home about nits. If we all check regularly (including the teachers) it should be manageable. Here is the NHS link on how to treat them.



Thank you for reading our pages. Please visit regularly as we are hoping to update messages about our learning regularly.