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M & S Competition

Our group of school are doing  o.k in the M&S competition but we could do with some more votes. 
M&S Competition
If we can obtain sufficient votes we can win funding from M&S to upgrade the lighting in 9 of the local primary schools.  Some need this desperately but have no budget to do it.
Please use the link below to cast your vote for our local group of primary schools.  You will need to use your email address and create a voting password.  If you created a voting password last year but can’t remember it there is an option to reset it.  You can also use Facebook or Twitter to vote. These are the mechanisms M&S use to make sure each person only votes once for a particular project.  M&S won’t bombard you with mailshots.
Once your vote has been accepted a message appears saying thank you for voting (please make sure this message appears as then your vote has registered).