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Floral Wonder - A Young Artist Art and Ceramic Exhibition

Floral Wonder - A Young Artist Art and Ceramic Exhibition

Throughout the Summer months, we will be displaying the talented artwork and ceramic sculpture of our Year 4, 5 & 6 children who participated in a series of art workshops with Mrs Redhead.

These ten workshops that have been in progress since the start of the year have successfully produced some exceptional work, which will be displayed in The John Young Gallery at The Museum of Dartmoor Life in Okehampton. The exhibition will be open from Thursday 11th July until 1st September 2019. 

The work in the gallery has been produced by a group of talented children from Year 4 and 5 (age between 8 and 11 years old) at Okehampton Primary School. This unique exhibition about the beautiful visual world of Flora, as portrayed through an artist’s eye was initiated by Luna Redhead, an Art Tutor at the school and local artist.

The Museum of Dartmoor Life wanted to continue to show their support for the children’s artwork, following their successful exhibitions over the past five years. The exhibition continues to gather the support and promotion of the arts within a Primary School age, supported by The Arts Society, Dartmoor and local businesses, successfully promoting the arts within our community. Okehampton  Primary School staff and parents were delighted the school had been chosen to take part in putting together this artwork for another Exhibition.

The children were invited to enhance their creative skills through an art workshop with Mrs Redhead. They studied the work of other artists, using similar subjects. It always proves to be an exciting and fun venture to see the way different artists interpret a similar subject matter and to see the different mediums that they use. This year was no exception and with artists studied both locally and internationally, the young artists were able to see how different mediums required different techniques and tools. From using paintbrushes in the classroom the young artists were shown how to use sponges, palette knives and   other tools to create their paint effects. They learnt how to persevere in the matter of creating paint colours by mixing with the acrylic paints. They were introduced to a huge range of colours and names that identified the hues, the likes of which are often found in professional artist studios. In addition, they were also shown how to treat the canvas to achieve different effects and how to use masking fluid to protect their pencil drawings underneath all that paint!

The workshops were fun and inspiring for all involved and indeed a challenge that boosted their confidence and inspired their creative journey of learning. Many children have gone on to buy their own canvases, even setting up their own studios at home! In addition, they are confidently able to instruct their peers in the whole process giving them the individual creative freedom they need to take their talents further. Why not go and see our artwork at:


Venue: Museum of Dartmoor Life

3 West St



EX20 1HQ

Tel: 01837 52295



Gift Options

We’ve successfully teamed up with our local Photo Centre to bring you the options of getting this artwork transferred onto canvas, prints, cards and gifts. Prices range from £1 onwards. Why not pop in and see them (only a two minute walk from the Museum) to see their full range of gifts and make some wonderful treasured memento's. Just mention the name of the Young Artist and the artwork title with your order. ALL artwork is available to anyone who wishes to purchase the image. A percentage of your sales will go towards our art fund, in which we are raising funds for future art projects. Please refer to the flyer which will have the young artist's name and artwork title on.

Simply contact Okehampton Photo Centre and pay for your order (quoting Okehampton Promary School), then pop along to the shop and collect your order (please allow up to five working days for processing). The current price list is:


Price List:

Small Greetings Card    75p

Large Greetings Card £1.00

Key Ring £2.50

Fridge Magnet £3.00

Mug £9.00

Picture Slate (6” x 4”) £9.50

Picture Slate (6” x  8”) £14.00

Picture Slate (A4 Size) £19.50

Prints and Canvases are also available in many sizes. Pop into the shop and have a chat with Ricky to discuss prices and options.


Contact Ricky at:

Okehampton Photo Centre

16 The Arcade



EX20 1EX

Tel: 01837  54055