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Exciting times ahead!

Dear Parents and Careers,

I am excited to share some updates with you about changes to our schools’ leadership. As a family of schools, we have enormous wealth in our leadership and now is the time to build on that strength to ensure we provide the best environment for our pupils, staff and schools to grow.

We are at an exciting time in the development of our Trust of schools. Whilst we are rightly proud of all that has been achieved historically, we are ambitious to continue to improve the quality of education that our children receive and deepen and broaden our connection and service to our communities.

It is important to emphasise that with the changes below, all schools will benefit. We are building a broader model of leadership for our Trust, creating capacity where it is needed, sharing our skills and expertise, and strengthening our structures to help everyone achieve their best to support our Trust aims.

For the importance of our schools’ leadership in our communities, all our Heads of Schools and Headteachers will be called Principals moving forward. For Okehampton Primary School, we are delighted to announce that from the start of the summer term (19th April 2021) Sarah Godbeer will take up the post of Executive Principal, Sally Huxen and Martin Evely who will take up the posts of Associate Principals. Emma Goodwin will be moving to St James C of E Primary and Nursery School for 3 days a week as Assistant Principal while remaining at Okehampton Primary School continuing to teach her class until the end of the academic year.

Our Executive Principals in both our primary and secondary phases will now be enabled to support all schools across our Trust within our Primary and Secondary Leadership Boards, providing strategic direction and support to ensure we can achieve our aims.

Our school leaders have been working together to ensure a smooth transition as they ‘pass the baton’ safely onwards. During the coming weeks, you will see many of our school leaders around and about at school. Please do talk to them and say hello!

We know some of you may have questions, in which case, please email them through to and we will respond to them accordingly. We will also be sharing more information on our website and staff pages, so please take the time to read this.

With firm foundations of trust, respect, and cooperation, these changes will enable us to stride forward, to ensure that all can thrive and succeed.

Thank you for your ongoing support.



Dan Morrow

Trust Leader and CEO