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My child is absent, who do I tell?

All parents/carers should contact the school on the first and each day of their child’s absence.

We have an answerphone so you can leave a message at any time of the day or night.


If you child is absent, you must provide us with details of the reason for their absence and written evidence of medical appointments.


All absences are recorded as either authorised or unauthorised absences. It is important that we receive accurate information from parents with reasons for the child’s absence. This information is used to determine whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised.


An absence is classified as authorised when a child is absent for a legitimate reason and the school has received notification from a parent or carer. Only the school can make an absence authorised. Parents do not have this authority. Consequently not all absences supported by parents will be classified as authorised.


An absence is classified as unauthorised when  a child is away from school without the permission of the school. Therefore the absence is unauthorised if a child is away from school without good reason, even with the support of a parent.


Please follow the page links to view our Attendance Policy through the DMAT, for details of fines for Unauthorised Absence.