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Medicines in School

We are happy to give medicines to children, providing that:


  • The medicines are prescribed by a doctor
  • You complete a consent form.


You can call into reception and pick up a form.


The medicine should be brought into school in the original container from the chemist and must be labeled with the child’s name, the name of the medicine, the dose and any other instructions


Either the parent or another responsible adult must bring in and collect the medicine in person, this cannot be left to children.


We are unable to give any medicines that have not been prescribed by a doctor or in cases where these procedures have not been followed.


We recognise that asthma is a serious condition affecting many children and we encourage all children with asthma to participate in all aspects of school life. It is important that children have immediate access to their reliever-inhalers.


The School Asthma Card is used as a record of the child’s asthma medication and so it is important that these are completed and kept up-to-date. Spare cards and explanatory letters are available from the school receptionist.


In the Early Years and Key Stage One children keep their reliever inhalers in a red box in the classroom. This box is always available to the children and is taken everywhere with the class e.g. on school visits, to PE and drama lessons and to assemblies.


Children in Key Stage Two are encouraged to be responsible for their own inhalers, but we advise that they keep a spare one in the red box in the classroom.


It is important that you make sure that inhalers are in-date, full and match the current prescription