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Welcome to Kelly Tor

Our teacher is Mr Gilkes see below our Curriculum Overview for the year, then if you would like scroll down to see some pictures and read all about our learning adventures as the year goes by.

Hi Kelly Tor.

I hope you are all ok and are making the most of spending time with loved ones in this odd situation. Well, please don't worry as you are in the safest place possible surrounded by people you love and who love you. So make the most of it. Be kind. Be helpful. Be patient. 

 Today, I finished tidying the shed. It was a big job, you have seen my desk. But the good news is that there is definitely room for a new surfboard in there now. laugh

As I can't go surfing, I decided to see if I could practise at home so I made a balance board out of a skim board and a plastic pipe. It was in the shed, I don't know why I kept it but I'm glad I did as it was really fun and a lot more challenging than it looks.

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the most enjoyable. Have you challenged yourself this week? If not, you should it's very satisfying. 

If you look closely in the 2nd picture, there is a clue to what happened last weekend. See if you can spot it and send an email to the class email address on the slides. I'll be sharing some photos with you over the weekend. 

And of course a cat photo. Today, it's Yardy's turn. I think he could smell my  sandwich.

Hello Kelly Tor

What lovely weather again! I have been really busy today. I have done some jobs which I have been putting off for a while. One of those was clearing out the shed. I think I have enough room for another bike or surfboard in there now. While I was tidying it, I found a large glass jar and decided to make a terrarium like we did in class, but instead of planting seeds I thought I would use some plants from the garden (they are mostly weeds). I don't really know what will happen but it's interesting to find out. You could see what you have around your house and make one as well. I have taken a couple of picture below.

Also the seeds that we planted are looking good.

Aaannndd of course Matilda spent the day on the decking.

Hello Kelly Tor!


I hope you are all OK and have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden as much as Matilda has been. She didn't move much all day! 

If you haven't seen Joe Wicks's daily videos, I would really recommend it. It's great fun.


One last thing. I want you to think about how you have helped the adults at home today. Did you help hang out some washing? Did you help make dinner? Did you help with some tidying? Did you do some of the other helpful things on the list we made? All these things may seem small but really do help and I know the adults looking after you really appreciate it. 


I am sure I will post up more photos of either Yardy or Matilda soon.