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Any child can apply to become a Junior Librarian. They are invaluable to the upkeep of the Library and keeping the shelves in order. Interested children from KS2 can apply in writing along with a reference from an adult, usually their teacher. They are given a month's trial with training and are asked to give up one of their lunch or break times per week. Recruitment is currently taking place with training to follow, a little of which includes shelving fiction books in alphabetical order; non fiction in their right catagories; making colourful posters to encourage children to come to the Library and coming up with new ideas.


We are eagerly awaiting delivery of a large selection of new books. It will then be all hands to the pump to sort, stamp, cover, add them to the system and get them on the shelves as soon as possible.


Watch this space for the new trainees in action in the next few weeks.


KS1 have Library Monitors who keep their library in tip top condition and also help other children to issue and return their books.


Here are two Year 6 Librarians who regularly keep me company at lunchtimes