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Our current Expert Cycle block is;



The aim of this block is to compare the similarities and differences in transport as it has changed over time in our living memory.


The class has decided to investigate the changes over time in transport such as cars, bicycles, ships and planes.  However we have also investigated some more specific transport that the children are individually curious about, for example 'quad bikes' and 'rockets'.


Below is a video of the first flight in a plane by the Wright Brothers - the class were inspired by their perseverance and in awe of their achievements!




Picture 1

Wright Brothers First Flight (1903)

Wright Brothers First Flight (1903). The history of flight starts with the Wright Brothers who build an airplane themselves. Wright Brothers First Flight (1903). A Day That Shook The World. On December 17 1903, news came through that two brothers had flown a curious air machine for more than a minute.