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We are currently studying the text 'What would you do with a tail like this?' We are teaching the children about  writing questions, finding precise verbs and using conjunctions, such as if, because,  and so to explain clearly, as well as reminding the children about all the writing skills they used in the previous unit. 

"What would you do with a tail like this?"  

The children will be taught about: 


  • nouns (object, place, thing are the nouns they need to recognise at the moment)
  • adjectives (words that can describe nouns)
  • verbs (verbs that are actions for the moment)
  • noun phrases (e.g. slippery thin tail )
  • contractions e.g. will not = won't, you are = you're (you and your are causing some confusion here), I will = I'll
  • How to write a question.
  • cursive letter writing
  • Capital letters to start sentences.


The children have worked hard and need further work on thinking of interesting adjectives. The best adjectives tell the reader some that they do not already know. We have had thesauruses out to improve choices.


The model for next week will be to write a question about a vehicle, such as:


What would you do with a huge ridged wheel like this?


Then follow up by writing an answer, such as:


If you're a  busy farmer, you use your huge bumpy tyre to trek through thick gloopy mud in your hilly fields.


We remind the children about what they need to include using a learning track and resources we have collected on the working wall.