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The children learn new writing skills with teaching sequences, which usually last from two to four weeks.


The class use a learning track to show which new skills they have learnt and identify what they need to learn next. Click on the different teaching sequences below to see what the children have been learning in writing.


Our Spring sequences have been to write letters using the text Dr K. Fisher, write information pages using a Penguin information book and write stories using a book called ' Lord of the Forest'.


We have continued to learn about sentence writing, noun phrases, effective verbs and conjunctions such as and, but and so. In the Spring term we have added in learning about questions. exclamations and subordinating conjunctions e.g. because, if and when.


Please have a look at the learning tracks to get more detail. You will see copies of these in your child's English books where they will have been personalised to your child's current writing needs.

Spring Term Learning Tracks

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