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At Okehampton Primary School, we are committed to embracing a Thrive approach for all of the children in our care.  


Thrive is a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional development need in children so that differentiated provision can be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with the child.  It is preventative, reparative, pragmatic and easy to use.


We believe in using a Thrive approach in our school because it addresses emotional developmental needs early, builds resilience, decreases the risk of mental illness, prepares children for school and equips them to be ready and willing to learn.  It helps those children who are at risk of underachieving or exclusion to stay in school and re-engage with learning.





Verbal, physical and cyber bullying will not be tolerated at our school.


Staff and pupils at Okehampton Primary School think that a child is being bullied, or picked on, when another pupil or group of pupils say nasty things to him or her. It is also bullying when a pupil is hit, kicked, threatened, locked inside a room, sent nasty notes and when no one talks to them. Texting or messaging unkind comments or inappropriate use of the internet is also classed as bullying. It is also bullying when a pupil is teased repeatedly in a nasty way. However, if two pupils of equal power or strength have a fight or quarrel, this is not necessarily bullying


Use of homophobic, racist or gender negative language may also be classed as bullying and must always be reported to the Headteacher. The school has an elected Pupil Anti Bullying Committee who are actively involved in tackling potential bullying issues. Pupils can also self- refer, this must always be investigated thoroughly.


It is everyone's responsibility to stop Bullying and Prejudice happening and with this in mind the staff and governors have laid down guidelines as part of the School's Positive Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy. Find it in the Policy section of the school website or ask at reception for a copy