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Afterschool Club (T.O.P.S)

.O.P.S Club (The Okehampton Primary School Club)

Set up in 2013, T.O.P.S Club provides top quality childcare at the end of the school day for all parents who require wrap-around care up to 6pm each day. The club can be accessed on either a regular basis or on occasional days.

  • Children are collected from class and can attend T.O.P.S Club until 6pm
  • Pre-booking is essential through the School Gateway online booking system
  • Parents can sign their children up for a regular or one-off slot
  • Children are provided with a healthy snack which they often help to prepare themselves
  • There is a regular staffing team and all members of staff are employed by school so have a good working knowledge of the children attending the club
  • Activities organised including sports, creative crafts, social development, multi-skills and ICT
  • If a child attends an afterschool curriculum club they are still able to access T.O.P.S once this club has finished
  • The cost is £5.00 an hour.