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Admissions to the Nursery



Our Nursery provides quality pre-school education for children between the ages of two and five years. Okehampton Primary School admits:


  • Funded two year olds as part of 2gether from the start of the term following their second birthday;
  • Unfunded two year olds from the start of the term following their second birthday;
  • Funded three and four year olds from the start of the term following their third birthday; and
  • Unfunded three and four year olds from the start of the term following their birthday.


The Nursery unit can accommodate 26 children at any one time in the Autumn term, rising to 34 children in the Spring and Summer terms.  We offer 15 hours as follows:


a) Morning sessions of 8.55am - 11.55am

b) Afternoon sessions of 12.25pm - 3.25pm

c) All day sessions of 8.55am - 2.55pm


If a parent chooses an all day session this includes the lunchtime period (11.55am - 12.25pm).  This time is considered to be part of the day when children continue their learning and will be funded as part of the Early Years entitlement.  Some families may wish to extend the end of the day from 2.55pm to 3.25pm in order to coincide with the end of the day in our Primary School.


If parents/carers have working or training commitments and need more flexibility, we will try to accommodate their needs.  If space is available, we can offer the uptake of extra sessions for £4.50 per hour.  Priority will always be given to those entitled to 15 free hours.  The 15 hour entitlement might be possible to share with another setting, but we recommend to use all the hours within our Nursery unit to support the continuity of the child's friendships, development and progress.


We believe every child should be entitled to Nursery education but unfortunately our Nursery is often oversubscribed.  Children are admitted into our Nursery in accordance with the Devon County Council's criteria of admission.  Each priority category is considered in turn until all available places have been allocated.


A Nursery Admissions Panel meets in October to decide on January admissions, in February for April admissions and in May for September admissions.  The members of this Panel who take part in this confidential process are the Head Teacher, Nursery Teacher/Nursery Nurse, Special Needs Co-ordinator, a Children's Centre representative, Area Health Visitors and a School Governor.


The school's Governing body is responsible for making the final decision on the allocation of places.  Parents are asked to complete a Nursery Admissions form as soon as possible.  It is obviously very important that the Admissions Panel has the fullest information to assist in its decisions about allocating places.  These forms are available from our school office during school hours. 


Admission to our Nursery does not guarantee admission to the main school.