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Admissions to Reception

Children can be admitted to Okehampton Primary School in the September following their fourth birthday.  At Okehampton Primary School, we currently have three Reception classes, known as Bray Tor, Bee Tor and Bell Tor.


Local Authorities are legally required to make the admissions process fairer for all children and to make sure that all children who need a Primary School place are offered one, but only one, school place.  To do this, local authorities must operate a co-ordinated admissions scheme which requires all schools, academies and authorities responsible for making decisions about admissions to work together.


This scheme enables YOU to register YOUR child at an appropriate school.  You are required to express a preference for up to three schools in the order in which you would most like a place for your child.  Every preference for a particular school will be considered equally, whether it was your first, second or third preference.  It may be that a place could be offered at more than one of your preferences - if so, you will be offered a place at the school you ranked highest.


Where there are more places than there are applications, no application will be refused.  Where there are more applications than there are places, priority will be determined by the over-subscription criteria for the school.  You can find this information at


If you move to Devon during the school year there are separate arrangements that you will need to follow to request a school place straightaway.  You should ask for a copy of the Devon In-Year Admissions booklet which is available from the Education Helpline on 0845 155 1019.  Alternatively you can get information from on the Admission of Children moving to Devon page.  


You must apply for a school place:


  • even if you have another child already on roll at the school
  • even if your child attends an Early Years setting on the same site as the school
  • even if it is the school designated for your address 


No places are held in reserve in case you are not offered a place at another school or for late applications.


If you are not successful with any application, you cannot assume that there will still be a vacancy at your designated school.  It may be full.


If you do not put a particular school on your form, it will not be considered for you unless it is the nearest one to home with a vacancy after every application has been dealt with.




  • make sure your child is resident in the Devon County Council area.
  • complete a Devon Common Application Form online at and submit by the closing date (usually the January before your child is due to start school in the September)
  • If you cannot apply online, complete a paper Common Application Form and return it by the closing date (usually the January before your child is due to start in the September)
  • express a preference for 1, 2 or 3 schools.
  • consider how you will get your child to school.
  • consider naming your designated school as one of the preferences.
  • ensure you note down if you have another child already at the school or new to the school.
  • provide evidence if you feel there are exceptional reasons for your preference; why you feel a place must be made available at a specific school.
  • tell the Local Authority if your circumstances change.
  • tell the Local Authority if you know your address is going to change before September.




  • assume that you don't have to apply for your designated school.  You must apply for a place.
  • assume that you do not need to apply for the school where you already have other children.  You must apply for a place for each individual child.
  • name the same school three times.  This will be considered as one preference.
  • name a school if you don't want a place there.


Your child must be in full-time education by the start of the term following their fifth birthday.  Children do not legally have to be education before then.  At Okehampton Primary School, we offer parents the following options when your child has been allocated a place for September:


  • full time admission to Reception
  • part time admission to Reception up to the time of statutory school age (the term following their fifth birthday).  Part time at Okehampton Primary School is 8.50am - 1pm.
  • part time attendance at our Nursery or an alternative pre-school setting while deferring a place in Reception.


As a parent, you have the right to defer your child's admission until the statutory school age; the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.  This is a decision for you as a parent to make.  If you wish to defer admission, you MUST inform the school which has been allocated as soon as possible.  That place will be held open up to the start of the term after your child's fifth birthday within that academic year and will not be offered to another child.  If you do not inform the school and your child does not start on the date offered, the place may be withdrawn and offered to another child.  Summer born children cannot automatically defer admission and enter school in a Reception class in the following September.  Parents must make an application for a Year 1 place after the summer half term in May.  It is possible that this class may have been filled during the Reception year and a place will not have been reserved.


You will be notified in mid April if you have been allocated a place at Okehampton Primary School.  You will receive a welcome letter and induction plan, usually about a month later, This letter will invite you to a range of induction activities and we highly recommend that you attend all of these events in order to best support and prepare your child for starting school.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding admission into school, please do not hesitate to contact the Devon Education Helpline on 0845 155 1019 or  All of the above information has been sourced from Devon County Council's "The First Step" booklet.


Once your child has been allocated a place at Okehampton Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact our school office, asking for Mrs Suzie Whittle, our Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, who will be delighted to support you with your enquiries.