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6. What agencies can provide support for children with SEND in our school?

Specialist Support offered by Outside Agencies

This means a pupil has been identified by the SENCo/class teacher as needing some extra specialist support in school from a professional outside of school. This may be from Outside Agencies such as:
• Communication & Interaction Team,
• Behaviour Support Team
• SEN Support Team
• Education Psychology Service
• Speech and Language Therapy Service
• Integrated Children Services
• Occupational Therapy Service
• Children and Adolescence Mental Health Service
• School Nurse
• Parent Support Advisor
What could happen?
• You may be asked to give your permission for the school to refer your child to a specialist professional, e.g. a Speech and Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist. This will help your and the school to understand your child’s particular needs better and be able to support them more effectively.
• The specialist professional will work with your child to understand their needs and make recommendations as to the ways your child is given support.