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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Leadership Team




Mrs Hazel Fox (Head Teacher)





 Miss Sarah Godbeer (Head of School)



   Mrs Sally Huxen (Deputy Head Teacher)


 Ms Suzie Stevens (Assistant Head Teacher)


 Mrs Monika Davis (SENCO Lead)


Our Administration Team

 Mrs Cologne-Brookes (Bursar)


  Mrs Shilston (Administration)

Mrs Adams ( PA to Headteacher)

Mrs Hortopp (Administration)

Mrs Richards (Administration)

Mrs Frew-Smith (Administration)

Mrs Bolton (Administration)

Our Premises Team

 Mr Tony Rixon - Caretaker


Mrs Saunders - Cleaner

Miss Mitchell Cleaner

Mrs Evans - Cleaner

Mrs Lee Cleaner

Mrs Vern - Cleaner


Our Teaching Staff


Early Years (Nursery & Reception)


Nursery Teachers

Mrs Stevens - Head of Early Years

Mrs Hooper - Nursery


Nursery Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lambert

Mrs Cursons

Ms Hutt

Ms Dennis

Ms Hutchings


Reception Teachers

Mrs Macdonald - Bell Tor

Mrs Medland - Bee Tor

Ms Holmes - Bray Tor


Reception Teaching Assistants

Mrs Enderson (HLTA)

Mrs Howell

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Bostock


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Sarah Counter - Cuckoo Tor - Head of Year 1

Miss Catherine Gee - Crane Tor

Miss Sarah Keen & Mrs Ashley Dorrington - Crow Tor


Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Barton

Mrs Foster (HLTA)

Mrs Cooke

Mrs Mills

Mrs Burrow

Mrs Meese

Miss Vaughan


Year 2 Teachers

Mr Evely - Feather Tor -Head of Year 2

Mrs Sachon / Mrs Day - French Tor

Mrs Daniel  - Fur Tor

Mr Gareth Bridge - Fox Tor


Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Soby

Mrs Stepto (HLTA)

Mrs Jacobs

Miss Vaughan


Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Ambrose - Hare Tor - Head of Year 3

Miss Ball & Mrs Hall - Hart Tor

Miss Barker - Hawkes Tor


Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Williams

Mrs Hatten

Ms Perry


Year 4 Teachers

Miss Vallance Kings Tor Head of Year 4

Mrs Goodwin - Kes Tor

Miss Kenmir Kitty Tor


Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mr Daniel

Mrs Meese

Mrs Haskell

Mrs Squire

Mrs Kift

Mrs Luffingham


Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)

Year 5 Teachers

Miss Radbourne - Roos Tor Head of Year 5

Mrs Scamp -Raven Tor

Mr Wright - Rook Tor


Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Yeo

Miss Evans

Mrs Havard

Mrs Vaughan

Mrs Franco

Mrs Kift

Ms Perry


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Harvey - Wild Tor - Head of Year 6

Mrs Armstrong - Yes Tor

Mr Smith - Yar Tor


Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hortopp (HLTA)

Mrs Willis



Other Teaching Staff

Teacher Support

Miss Fishleigh (HLTA)

Mrs Lovering (HLTA)

Mrs Hardwick (HLTA)


PPA Staff

Miss Burrell (Artist in Residence) - Art

Mrs Rickwood (ECO Coordinator) - EcoWatch

Mr Madge - Sports Coach

Mrs Westman - French Tutor

Mrs Williams - Year 3 & 4 Swimming & Expert Curriculum

Mrs Wendy Haskell - Years 3 & 4 Swimming & Bouncibility/Fun Fit

Mrs Holland - Religious Education

Mrs Foster - Expert Curriculum

Mrs Stepto - Expert Curriculum

Mrs Howell - Curriculum Support (Reception)

Mrs Taylor - Curriculum Support (Reception)

Mrs Bostock - Curriculum Support (Reception)


PPA Support Staff

Mrs Bolton

Mrs Hear

Mrs Read

Mrs Richards

Mrs Funnell

Mrs Brogan

Ms Hutt

Mrs Cooke

Mr Daniel

Our Support Teams

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Mrs Keen (Safeguarding Officer)

Miss Ball (Child Protection Officer and Designated Teacher for Children in Care)


Parent Support 

Mrs Button (Parent Support Advisor)


Thrive Team

Mrs Davis (SENCO)

Mrs Partridge (Assistant SENCO)

Mrs Soby (HLTA)

Mrs Vaughan

Mrs Lovering (HLTA)


Behaviour Support

 Mrs Davis (SENCO)

 Mrs Partridge (Assistant SENCO)

 Mrs Luffingham (Inclusion Teaching Assistant)

 Mrs Evans (Inclusion Teaching Assistant)


School Libraries

Mrs Medland (Librarian)


Family Learning

Mrs Squires


The Okehampton Primary School Club (TOPS Club)

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Read

Mrs Cooke

Mrs Hutt


Breakfast Club

Mrs Richards

Mrs Vaughan

Mrs Soby


Our Catering Team

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Cockerill

Mrs MacDonald

Mrs Lynch

Mrs Harvey

Mrs Newman


Meal Time Assistants

Miss Dean

Miss Mitchell

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Short

Mrs Vernon

Mrs Brogan

Mrs Hamel

Mrs Trewin

Mrs Funnell

Mrs Evans

Mrs Ellis

Ms Read

Mrs Franco

Mr Daniel

Mrs Yelland


School Dinner Administration

Mrs Frew-Smith