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The Okehampton Primary School Club (T.O.P.s Club)




We hope that by setting up an after school club in school we will be supporting parents and pupils alike. Parents will be able to access the club in the knowledge that their children will have top quality childcare at the end of the school day. Children will be given a healthy snack and be able enjoy a range of physical, creative and educational activities but also have the opportunity to relax and rest as they need to.


Who is running it?

We have employed Mrs. Lou Taylor as our TOPS leader. Lou has worked in our EYFS area of the school for many years but also has lots of experience with older children too! We have a range of play workers, who support Lou who also have lots of experience with children of all ages and also work at the Primary school.


Where will it be held ?

TOPS club is held in Great Links Tor the building situated at the front of the school.


How does it work?

The club will run from 3.30pm until 6.00pm every night after school. Children from Reception or Years 1 to 3 will be collected from their classrooms at the end of the day by Lou or another playworker. Children in Years 4 to 6 will make their own way to the club at the end of the day. There will be children who attend an after school club e.g. Football Club or Art Club whose parents need them to attend TOPS club from when their club ends e.g. 4.30pm. Club leaders will escort these children safely to TOPS Club.


There is a variety of activities each day including arts, traditional games, multi-skills activities, homework/reading support, library, ICT.  We also have on hand availability of watching appropriate DVDs or playing on computer games for children when they just need to chill out for half an hour and rest. The sessions evolve around the ages and interests of the pupils that attend and the children are involved in planning sessions.


Food and drink?

Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided to all children attending the club. The cost of this is included within the fee. The choices will change from day to day if your child has any specific dietary requirements just let us know and we will ensure they are catered for.


How will payment work?

The charge for each hour is £4. This can be broken down into half hour slots with a minimum charge of £4. e.g. 3.30pm to 6.00pm = £10, 3.30pm to 5pm =£6, 3.30pm to 4.45pm = £6. Fees can also be paid in advance (monthly / termly).  All payments must be made to the office in a sealed named envelope marked TOPs Club.


Late pick- ups after 6.00pm will be charged at a rate of £2 per 10 minutes. Parents should phone the club staff to let them know if they are running late.


The club can be accessed on either a regular basis or on occasional days. To ensure a guaranteed place we ask that you complete a booking form, simply indicate on the sheet the session(s) you would like to book for your child for the next week, weeks or half term; then return the form to the school office.  Booking forms are available from the school office.  On making your first booking with the club you will be asked to sign a Terms and Conditions Agreement. The club will also have a range of policies relevant to it, these are available either from the school website or a hard copy will be available for parents to look at in folder in the club.


If you would like more information regarding the TOPS Club, feel free to contact school office.