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Welcome to Crow Tor!


This is our Crow Tor home page, the teachers in this Year 1 class are Mrs Karen Sachon and Mrs Ashley Dorrington.  

Below you will find our Curriculum Overview for the year, and you can also read a brief overview of some of our learning adventures from the school year so far. Each week, on a Friday morning, parents are welcome to come in and have a look at books and talk to us about their children's learning. We hope to see you soon!

 The children in Crow Tor settled into Year One remarkably well last year, and are enjoying all the challenges we have given them. 

So far we have loved learning about Elmer the Elephant, writing stories about the weather and writing poetry about Autumn. After half term we have a trip to RHS Rosemoor to learn about Weather and the Seasons,  our topics in Science and Geography. We also went to the college for  and to town to find about apples at the local vegetable shop. Thank you to all our helpers. 


We have already explored lots of work on number and the different ways in which we can represent our learning in our Maths, here you can see us experimenting with the Part, Part, Whole method. if children learn their number bonds early they are empowered to become stronger mathematicians as they grow older. 


We would love parents to come and help listen to readers, or to accompany us on class trips, so if you would like to Mummies, Daddies, Grannies and Grandpas, then please go to the office for more information of what you need to do first. We recommend, based on research that children read and talk to you about their books at least four times a week. make it fun and light. Children should sound out the phonemes first, then blend the word. When they have read a sentence like this it he,os if they re read the sentence more fluently. Please sign the red diary when you have heard them so we can understand your child’s progress better and also to help with the class competition of course. Thank you!